Donate or Pay Member Dues

$25.00 raised
GOAL: $5,200.00

We appreciate your donation to the GPUS Youth Caucus and our efforts at organizing youth and on campuses nationwide.

Your donations helps sustain our national chapter program, which is the foundation of the future of the Green Party.

We are trying to reach an initial goal of $5,200 to hire a stipend-based part-time National Youth Coordinator. In time, we hope to raise enough money for a full-time position as well as other travel/training costs and materials needed for a flourishing, national Young Greens program.

If you are under 35, you can become a voting member of the caucus for $10 annually.  You're welcome to contribute $5 twice a year (for students, think of it as $5 a semester). Dues helps ensure that people who are invested in the health and future of the caucus are guiding the process--though everyone under 35 is welcome to participate in caucus activity! Your annual dues will allow you voting privileges as well as access to a Members-Only Facebook group where for internal caucus discussion on official proposals.

For those over 35, we appreciate your 💚 Young Green at Heart 💚 donation and support We suggest a donation of $27 (or more, if you are able). Please also consider becoming a Young Greens Sustainer by making a recurring monthly donation--whether that be $1 monthly or more!

Remember, everyone is welcome to sign up under "Join" to follow caucus updates via email, and to help spread the news to Young Greens in your local and state.