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💚 Young Green at Heart 💚 Sustainer Program

26 donors
50 donors

Whether you're under or over 35, our party's value of Future Focus means we have a principled interest in the future of our planet, our political and economic systems, and of the Green Party itself. 

Anyone with such vision is someone that is a 💚 Young Green at Heart 💚. That's why we are asking people regardless of their calendar age to invest in the Young Greens by becoming a monthly sustainer. Whether it be $2 a month or $50, these donations will go towards building the future of the Green Party on campuses nationwide and through state and national programs that help train Young Greens in movement work and becoming leaders in the Green Party.

We are trying to reach an initial goal of 150 monthly sustainers to hire a stipend-based part-time National Youth Organizer. In time, we hope to raise enough money by having 300 or more monthly sustainers for a full-time position as well as other travel/training costs and materials needed for a flourishing, national Young Greens program.

Become a 💚 Young Green at Heart 💚 monthly sustainer to help develop our rising talent and grow the number of Young Greens that are fighting for our important values.  

Because the Green Party is the only national party that has the policy answers for a truly democratic political system, a just economy, and a sustainable planet that works for all of us. That's a future worth investing in.

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